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Hey There, and Chapter 3

Hey There, and Chapter 3 published on 1 Comment on Hey There, and Chapter 3

Hey guys, huge long time no see.

Sorry for my disappearance these past few months… it’s actually been a really really rough time for me, just a lot of turmoil in my life that made doing anything really difficult. Lucky for me, that’s going to see a change soon. Which I hope will turn a lot of things around.

That being said, I’m here to give a heads up that Desendi Chapter 3 will start to be posted in a few weeks! I’m aiming for October 16th, I’ll put out an even more formal announcement later.

In the meanwhile, have some photos from the layout book I made. It’s basically just much bigger thumbnails, drawn into a little ashcan so that i can get a pretty good idea of the spreads and the flow of everything. All of Chapter 3 is in this puppy, and I’ve already started transferring the sketches to digital so I can make them pages.

An image containing four shots of a small book containing messy pen and ink sketches of comic panels. It's announcing that Chapter 3 starts on October 16th.
The Adventures of Odessa not knowing how to deal with Lolo continues!

Really excited, everybody. Thanks for being so patient with me. See you guys soon!

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Odessa Intro

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Odessa Intro published on No Comments on Chapter 2 Hiatus – Odessa Intro

Just a little mini-intro page to Odessa, I guess.

Long time no see, guys. Sorry about that. I went through a really rough spot with burnout thanks to my day job, plus a couple other personal things.

I had a 3 Page Hiatus comic in production for updating a long time ago, but I just kept dreading having to work on it. It was too much work for what was supposed to just be simple little comics in between chapters.

So have an Odessa that I enjoyed drawing. Getting back in the swing.

OH! And Chapter 3 is in its revision stage, and I’ll be starting actual art and posting in a few weeks. Keep an eye out!

Again, sorry for disappearing. Getting back on the wagon!

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bedfellows

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bedfellows published on 1 Comment on Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bedfellows

During her travels through Zentain, Odessa spent a lot of times roughing it in the barns and stables of farmers, who offered her the place out of hospitality or as repayment for work she might have done for them. Often she would share the space with farm animals.

She never minded. She likes animals much more than she likes people.

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bonds

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bonds published on 1 Comment on Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bonds

In Galopon (and many other parts of the Aywani countryside) you can go to a party and not know how you are related to everyone there. And there’s a large chance that the people you think you’re related to are not related to you at all. But I guess that doesn’t mean they’re not family.

Based on my personal experiences? What would give you such an impression?

Sorry that the page went up late, friends. It’s been frantic here, mentally and otherwise. The pages have been *basically done* for two weeks, but something was blocking me from doing what I needed to do to get them up here. I’m going to try and not have that happen again.

Thanks for reading, it means a lot.

C2 Hiatus – Youth

C2 Hiatus – Youth published on 1 Comment on C2 Hiatus – Youth

Odessa was always a bit of an odd duck, and peoples reactions to her haven’t changed very much.

The Canticles are a religious type of performance. Odessa, admittedly, obsessed over getting it right more than other people did when she was growing up. They thought she was weird for it.

The Canticles are Important Verses written by venerated people, whose words and wisdom were deemed important enough to collect and include in the more organized versions of the main Zentani religion. There are a ton of different Canticles because of this, and which ones are deemed vital to learn (Apart from the ones that are said to be words straight from the Four Gods themselves) depends on your location and your focus in life.

Some people pick verses the way that Catholics pick Patron Saints. Odessa’s choice are A Wanderer’s Poems, written by the most recent inductee to the religious texts — none other than Sir Gohn Guay.

Hand movements tell stories as much as words. Getting those right are sometimes considered even more vital.

C2 Hiatus: Hospitality

C2 Hiatus: Hospitality published on 1 Comment on C2 Hiatus: Hospitality

Chapter 2 Hiatus 1: Hospitality

I had originally started this comic as a world map, but ended up thinking about it in context of Odessa’s journey up to Aywan. Who hasn’t had a relative force extra helpings on you even if you weren’t hungry anymore?

See you w/ another hiatus next week!

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