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C2 Hiatus – Youth

C2 Hiatus – Youth published on 1 Comment on C2 Hiatus – Youth

Odessa was always a bit of an odd duck, and peoples reactions to her haven’t changed very much.

The Canticles are a religious type of performance. Odessa, admittedly, obsessed over getting it right more than other people did when she was growing up. They thought she was weird for it.

The Canticles are Important Verses written by venerated people, whose words and wisdom were deemed important enough to collect and include in the more organized versions of the main Zentani religion. There are a ton of different Canticles because of this, and which ones are deemed vital to learn (Apart from the ones that are said to be words straight from the Four Gods themselves) depends on your location and your focus in life.

Some people pick verses the way that Catholics pick Patron Saints. Odessa’s choice are A Wanderer’s Poems, written by the most recent inductee to the religious texts — none other than Sir Gohn Guay.

Hand movements tell stories as much as words. Getting those right are sometimes considered even more vital.

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Ahhh this is super cool! I’m definitely not surprised Odessa takes something like this so seriously – honestly, I get the feeling she never half-asses anything. ;p

If only she could practice somewhere that didn’t interfere with food. Haha!

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