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Page 7 Delayed for Travel ((Sorry!!))

Page 7 Delayed for Travel ((Sorry!!)) published on No Comments on Page 7 Delayed for Travel ((Sorry!!))

Hi guys! It’s been really important to me that I try and get pages up on time for this Chapter, but unfortunately this week preparing for a trip and making sure everything else was in order had me a little low on time, and I couldn’t manage to get the page finished before I had to leave this week. I’m heading to Seattle for a sorely needed vacation and while I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get this week’s page to you, I’m excited to go somewhere I haven’t been yet!

I’ll be working a bit on pages while I’m away, which is possible thanks to the iPad Pro and the Clip Studio app, so updates will definitely be up and running again next week, barring some unexpected circumstance (knock on all the wood). Gonna try to keep it to a minimum though (no more than 30 minutes a day is what I promised), since this vacation was specifically meant to try and cut through my usual workaholism.

Thanks for your support thus far, though, and I’ll see you guys soon!

In the meanwhile, have a sketch of Odessa I did from when she was younger for a casual attempt at inktober this year:

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