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Hey There, and Chapter 3

Hey There, and Chapter 3 published on 1 Comment on Hey There, and Chapter 3

Hey guys, huge long time no see.

Sorry for my disappearance these past few months… it’s actually been a really really rough time for me, just a lot of turmoil in my life that made doing anything really difficult. Lucky for me, that’s going to see a change soon. Which I hope will turn a lot of things around.

That being said, I’m here to give a heads up that Desendi Chapter 3 will start to be posted in a few weeks! I’m aiming for October 16th, I’ll put out an even more formal announcement later.

In the meanwhile, have some photos from the layout book I made. It’s basically just much bigger thumbnails, drawn into a little ashcan so that i can get a pretty good idea of the spreads and the flow of everything. All of Chapter 3 is in this puppy, and I’ve already started transferring the sketches to digital so I can make them pages.

An image containing four shots of a small book containing messy pen and ink sketches of comic panels. It's announcing that Chapter 3 starts on October 16th.
The Adventures of Odessa not knowing how to deal with Lolo continues!

Really excited, everybody. Thanks for being so patient with me. See you guys soon!

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