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this fantasy comic has turned into a lady action comic plus bulky dudes

C1P28: Grip

C1P28: Grip published on 2 Comments on C1P28: Grip

And it starts. Odessa shows off a couple of her main skills – slipperiness and distressed expressions.


So saying that I would be back on schedule when the holidays came around and I knew I would be out of town was really stupid of me. NOW we will be back on schedule, haha.

Also, look! My first fully digital page for the comic. Generally happy with how it came out, though I get a lot more fiddly with the linework than I would if I were doing it traditionally. But I got it out. This year is focusing on getting this thing out, and then I will go back and clean up the things that I rushed to get done.

See you on Friday! If I don’t show up, please reprimand me. I trust you’ll do it. :S


Love Odessa’s pose in the last panel.

I honestly can’t tell much of a difference between the linework on this page and on previous pages, so if consistent quality is something you worried about, you did a wonderful job!

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