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i guess it counts as fighting

C1P29: First Strike

C1P29: First Strike published on 2 Comments on C1P29: First Strike

You gain some ground, you lose some ground. As far as Odessa’s concerned the score is still kind of even.

I know I’m working at a one page a week cadence right now. Working hard to get back to two a week @_@ Life is unfortunately very busy, but I promise to get at least one page out either on a Monday or a Friday.

I’m trying not to be concerned too much if the page isn’t as good as I want it to be, as long as the quality is still okay! And it is! I’m actually kind of proud of the energy in this page. Hope I keep it up with the rest of the action scenes, i’ve never done fighting in a fantasy comic before, so this is so far a fun learning experience.


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