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“I’m looking for a friend.”

After a year of searching for her missing mentor, young warrior Odessa traces his steps to a small village sitting at the top of a mountain. Answers are few and far between…but everyone says the same thing: Master Gohn Guay entered the nearby forest of Desendi, and never came back. Begrudgingly accepting the aid of Strop, a mercenary cursed with the face of a frog, Odessa sets out to find her master…or at the very least, find out what happened to him. But with the rumors of curses, monsters, and a malevolent God residing within the heart of the forest, Odessa and Strop may end up discovering more than they bargained for.

Desendi is an ongoing weekly fantasy action-adventure comic by Crispy-Ghee that examines anxiety, imposter syndrome, and the question of self-worth. Inspired by shonen manga, jrpg’s from the 90s, Hong Kong kung fu movies, and boasting an original world with a Southeast Asian flavor, Crispy began writing Desendi in early 2013 and launched the comic 3 years later.

Updates every Wednesday.

About the Author

Crispy is a bay area illustrator with a penchant for stories about friendship, monsters, and self-discovery (usually stories about discovering yourself through friendships with monsters). Game artist by day and sleepless (but excited) husk of a comic artist by night, she devotes her time to telling tales and irresponsibly playing steam games instead of doing the dishes.

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