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This fantasy comic finally continues. Eesh.

C1P27: Stronger than you look

C1P27: Stronger than you look published on 1 Comment on C1P27: Stronger than you look

Odessa is constantly underestimated by people. Here, Malab underestimates her ability to tie knots (probably that is what is happening here). Unfortunately, it looks like she’s been noticed.


Oh gosh, how long has it been since the last update? Apart from forever, which is not a good pace to do the first chapter of a comic. Unfortunately I have a mess of excuses, none of which cover the full breadth of time of me not updating, so I’m not even going to pretend I have a reasonable reason that this page didn’t go up the month ago it was supposed to go up. Let’s say the last quarter of the year is always messy and leave it at that.

NEW THINGS: I’m probably going to test working on this comic fully digitally for the next few pages, hoping to speed up my work time. I had previously set a goal to do the comic with traditionally inked linework, but there has to be a time for an artist to be realistic about time, and I had to try and weigh whether or not artistic goals were more important than storytelling ones. I’ll test run full digital for now, and if it’s faster then it’s probably what I’m going to do until I have time to get back to the dip pen. I’ve got short story comics that would probably be cool traditional anyway, so it’s not like I’ll be wasting the ink and paper.

Anyway, see you on Friday, people who still read! Cheers!

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Good to see you back! I’m still excited to see where this goes – and tbh it’s always fun to watch artists play around with different styles in their comics. I’m also all for you doing what’s easiest/fastest for ya.

Onto the actual comment for the page: Odessa is great. Let’s see if she can keep it up against the other two! (I believe in her).

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