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C2P8: A new face

C2P8: A new face published on 1 Comment on C2P8: A new face

And lo, a new character appears!

Zentani Language Lesson of the Day

Gandama Mangmagi – Beautiful Evening/Good Evening!

Ganda – Beautiful, Very Good. Also used to describe people!
ma – a ‘linking’ suffix. It attaches the adjective to the noun it is describing.
Mang – Possessive prefix (archaic)
Magi – a shortening of “Pulmagi”, the Zentani Moon Deity.

So the phrase itself translated directly is “beautiful Pulmagi’s realm.” The disused phrase included the word Laligara, the archaic northern word for “land” — Gandama Mangmagima Laligara. It’s been shortened over the centuries just for brevity.

Sorry for the late update! I really made it hard on myself w/ having all these expository shots in the beginning. But it starts to calm down after this page haha

Thanks for reading! I spent a lot of time on this so comments and shares are always always appreciated and some of the best ways to show me your support. See you next week!

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