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C2P4: This Place?

C2P4: This Place? published on No Comments on C2P4: This Place?

Over the mountain and up the hill, to Lolo’s house we go…I think?

This page was simultaneously fun and a big pain to do. I’m starting to enjoy doing backgrounds though. Can’t wait to get to them dialogues. I hope at least that you guys are enjoying looking at them as much as I’m enjoying making them!

A Worldbuilding funfact!

Zentanese writing is more or less standardized across the breadth of the continent (though dialects range w/in those countries, of course), but the standard writing system is broken up into 2 styles colloquially known as: Swoop and Slice.

Swoop is used primarily for books and other writing with ink and paint (you can see some examples of it on Odessa’s Map), and is considered by the Southern Queen as the ‘true’ form of the script. Slice was a simplified variation developed by jungle and mountain communities whose primary form of record keeping at one time was carved into wood or pressed into clay. It is called “slice” due to its form meant to be able to be quickly written w/ a slice of a knife.

I’ll see you next week!

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