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C2P18: It is a cursed place

C2P18: It is a cursed place published on 3 Comments on C2P18: It is a cursed place

Lolo continues to be perturbed, Odessa continues to be obstinate.

I technically did get it in “on time” if “on time” you mean “at the very last moment that can be considered the same day”. But that’s fine.

Woodcarvings and textiles are important in the cultures of the Zentain Continent, and one of the things that made it so I missed last week’s update was not being sure how to approach it. I’m relatively pleased w/ how the story carving came out…

You’ll see similar carvings etched into the furniture, the posts, and the walls of the buildings in Galopon. Some of it is a distinct story, some of it mountain motifs, some of it particular to the person it belongs to. They’re everywhere!

Anyway, thanks for reading and for your support! Comment, like, or share if you’re enjoying it so far, anything helps. See you next week!


I looove the branches reaching out in that middle panel. It looks so nice!

And ah, Odessa… Well, I guess it would be a very short comic if she gave up so easily.

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