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good-bye my condescending old man friend

C1P60: Ignore it for now

C1P60: Ignore it for now published on 1 Comment on C1P60: Ignore it for now

And so this is where we bid goodbye to our good friend Cabi-man. May he bless others with his condescending attitude.

Have some Lore!

Two of the most common phrases you’ll hear in this story are the curse “Pulmagi’s Ghost” and the blessing “Lord Umago go with you.” These refer to the patrons of the world’s peoples in Zentanese Mythology, the Moon God Umago and the Sun Goddess Pulmagi. While their interactions with the world are limited and passive these days, they spend their time watching, doing their best to keep Night from engulfing the earth.

Pulmagi’s ghost refers to a legend where the sun “died” and night overtook day, leaving only a black spot where she once was. It’s used to show displeasure or curse bad luck. “Pulmagi’s Ghost…do I really have to deal with an idiot like you?”

Lord Umago Go with You is a blessing given to someone leaving, usually when you won’t see them for a long time. It is hoping them light even when darkness falls.

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