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Cabi-man seems reasonable for a second

C1P58: You ain’t subtle

C1P58: You ain’t subtle published on 1 Comment on C1P58: You ain’t subtle

Well…he’s right, she isn’t subtle.

You know, I miss updates at times to the point that this is almost basically a twice monthly comic haha. I’m trying to fix that, which can be difficult for me for a number of reasons, but I’m proud that I’m at least continuing to get this comic up and out there. This story WILL be told.

Thanks so much for those who continue to read. Please consider sharing my comic or leaving a comment to show your support–I work hard to write and draw this story and any form of support is amazing to me and keeps me going.

Thanks! <3 And (hopefully!!) see you next week!

1 Comment

seeing this comic update again has been awesome. I really love the SE Asian vibe of this story’s world– the fantasy-language words and epithets sprinkled into people’s speech sound really natural, and I love the character designs, especially Odessa’s. I also love how you push facial expressions– everyone’s got so much attitude. I’m looking forward to the next page!

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