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She will punch yo face

C1P56: Wait

C1P56: Wait published on 2 Comments on C1P56: Wait

She’s a little single minded, but also she never really liked him anyway.


This page was drawn entirely on my iPad pro, and I cannot overstate how much of a game-changer getting that piece of equipment for Christmas it has been, for me making comics at least. Having a mobile work station that I can actually move around and work with is amazing. I loved my cintiq companion, but it was bulky and battery intensive, unfortunately. I would still whine about having to sit down at a proper table to work on my stuff. Now I’ve been drawing pretty consistently and it makes me really happy.

I might actually get a buffer, imagine that!

Also a huge thanks to Stefanie, who has been helping me by flatting these last few pages of Chapter 1 even as she soldiered through her move from Washington. Welcome to Cali!

Anyway, Chapter 2 is on the horizon. Thanks for reading, those who still come by!

If you like what I’m doing and you want to show your appreciation, please leave a comment or share this comic with someone who might like it! I work hard on Desendi, and knowing it’s being read keeps me going.

Thanks and see you next Saturday!


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