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C1P47: Nobody

C1P47: Nobody published on 7 Comments on C1P47: Nobody

She’s back, and Malak’s probably missing some teeth now.


I’m excited to say that the rest of the chapter is more or less laid out and going into production, and the second chapter is well into planning so that I can (hopefully) not skip a beat when Chapter 1 is done. Man. Excited to hit page 50!

If you like this comic, PLEASE comment or share! It’ll take a second and it means the world to me.

Thanks so much! See you next week!

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Wooo, Odessa did it! That second panel looks really nice!

Indeed! FINALLY, amirite? Haha

And thanks! A lot of this chapter was learning how to draw things in action =_= I’d like to say that I got better in the, holy cow, how many months it took me to get through it.

And now people can read it in 5 minutes, as it was intended!

*cries a little*

I was just thinking how much work goes into making a comic like this, and how easy it is to rush through reading it. I think your effort really shines through, though!

Thanks! I’m glad it does. Fight scenes are that weird intersection of having to put in a lot of effort for something that *should* be read fast. I’m still figuring out the balance and getting better, but hopefully I’ll figure it out by the end of the comic haha

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