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this fight goes on forever, just dudes and a lady punching it out

C1P36: Heels over Head

C1P36: Heels over Head published on 2 Comments on C1P36: Heels over Head

And so it continues. Neither of these people like to talk. I am fine not drawing word bubbles for a while.


Drawing a fight scene that is meant to be read as fast action, and feeding it to the audience a page at a time once a week is a strange enterprise. The flow is so different and things move sluggishly, and time kind of stretches out. I’d like to remind people that these are all very quick moments, but this is the medium of webcomics, I guess.

It’s a very weird approach, if you think of it. It’s kind of just this way because it’s just this way, and sort of muscling your way into people’s routines by having a (somewhat) predictable time frame is super good, but man, I am wrestling with this a little. Kind of my fault for writing it this way I guess! I’m certain it reads a whole bunch better in page turns.

Oh well!

Thank you everyone that continues to read this webcomic on this site. Please comment and/or share if you feel like it, your support keeps me going!


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