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the beginning of a fight scene

C1P26: Action Taken

C1P26: Action Taken published on 2 Comments on C1P26: Action Taken

Odessa worries about getting started, but when she does she goes for it. Who knows how long she has before the Malawan people break out of their confused stupor and actually try and do something about this mysterious person hidden beneath the wagon?


A little late because of con-prep (still). Going to have to find time to put stuff together over this weekend between making displays and preparing merch, so I hope I can get page 27 up on Monday. But let’s be real, the real update schedule is Mondays-or-Tuesdays and Fridays-or-Saturdays. The holidays are always so busy, ignore also having a full time job.

But I’m still kicking!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all are still enjoying it.


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