This town is quiet as all get out

C2P1: Is anybody there?

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Nice, not-suspicious-at-all tree Ahh, there you go. The first page. Working on this has felt really good, and I’m actually really happy with how it’s turned out. It’s felt really good getting back to comics after having been away for so long, and it feels really good to enjoy doing it after a while of… Continue reading C2P1: Is anybody there?

C2P2: Excuse Me

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Galopon is already turning out to be a little weird. She’s making the best of it, though. *** Getting back into the swing of making this comic feels really nice, though there are always struggles w/ learning to not chase shiny things. But I’ve been really working on focusing my efforts and my time in… Continue reading C2P2: Excuse Me

C2P3: They’ll Help You

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A…friendly?…welcome from the locals. *** There are so many expository paintings in these first 10 pages that I’m simultaneously enjoying and getting angry at myself for haha Thanks for reading! Share or comment if you’re enjoying it so far!

C2P4: This Place?

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Over the mountain and up the hill, to Lolo’s house we go…I think? This page was simultaneously fun and a big pain to do. I’m starting to enjoy doing backgrounds though. Can’t wait to get to them dialogues. I hope at least that you guys are enjoying looking at them as much as I’m enjoying… Continue reading C2P4: This Place?

C2P5: Maybe…

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A little hesitation, perhaps? *** Odessa’s apparent stoicism doesn’t do much to hide the fact that she’s mostly a nervous wreck. Which is part of why I like writing her. Thanks for reading! Please share or comment if you’re enjoying Chapter 2 so far (or if you just like knowing that I’m suffering through these… Continue reading C2P5: Maybe…

who dat who dat

C2P6: Who…?

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I’m really excited to draw a new character! I wonder who it is? Trying a couple of new things out w/ wordbubble and font size this week! I’ve always been a little uncertain about how things read, but last week I printed out page 5 to see what it looked like and the lettering looked… Continue reading C2P6: Who…?

anxiety and glowing asian warrior stuff

C2P7: Need Something?

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False Alarm You finally get to see what Gohn Guay looks like! Cool! Apologies for missing last week’s update–I think I underestimated how tired I would be after traveling for a few days. I am not Odessa–I’m not a good traveler (though I do get anxious when people try to talk to me). Page 8… Continue reading C2P7: Need Something?

C2P8: A new face

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And lo, a new character appears! Zentani Language Lesson of the Day Gandama Mangmagi – Beautiful Evening/Good Evening! Ganda – Beautiful, Very Good. Also used to describe people! ma – a ‘linking’ suffix. It attaches the adjective to the noun it is describing. Mang – Possessive prefix (archaic) Magi – a shortening of “Pulmagi”, the… Continue reading C2P8: A new face