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Chapter 2 (FINALLY) coming out Wednesday, August 22nd

Chapter 2 (FINALLY) coming out Wednesday, August 22nd published on No Comments on Chapter 2 (FINALLY) coming out Wednesday, August 22nd

Hi guys! Long time no see eh?

Life has been really hectic on my end and taking a break after Chapter 1 to recalibrate and plan my course of action for the rest of the comic has been endlessly helpful and I’m excited to come back to it. That being said, I never intended for my ‘break’ to go on 3 months, and I’m going to try and make sure that a break that long (at least an unplanned one) doesn’t happen again.

My new job as a concept artist as well as a lot of new life experiences and unexpected not-so-great experiences has kept me pretty busy. But I’ve been steadily working on getting back to work comic.

I also took the opportunity to work on the story’s writing! I had mapped out almost the entirety of Desendi 3 years ago, and taking a moment to review that story and see if it still said what I’d wanted to say was a good exercise. Making the first chapter allowed me to think over how to tell the story I wanted, and I managed to (hopefully) strengthen some beats that needed some love.

But now I’m back and ready, and Odessa is back and ready, and new friends are waiting in the sideline shadows for their cue!

Desendi returns with an update every Wednesday! Thanks for your continued support, and I’ll see you on 22 August 2018!

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