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Chapter 2 Hiatus – Odessa Intro

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Odessa Intro published on No Comments on Chapter 2 Hiatus – Odessa Intro

Just a little mini-intro page to Odessa, I guess.

Long time no see, guys. Sorry about that. I went through a really rough spot with burnout thanks to my day job, plus a couple other personal things.

I had a 3 Page Hiatus comic in production for updating a long time ago, but I just kept dreading having to work on it. It was too much work for what was supposed to just be simple little comics in between chapters.

So have an Odessa that I enjoyed drawing. Getting back in the swing.

OH! And Chapter 3 is in its revision stage, and I’ll be starting actual art and posting in a few weeks. Keep an eye out!

Again, sorry for disappearing. Getting back on the wagon!

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