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C2P23: Follow Me

C2P23: Follow Me published on 1 Comment on C2P23: Follow Me

One more page until the end of Chapter 2! It’s been a lot of hard work to get to this point, and I’m excited to reach the milestone of having two chapters (86 pages!!) under my belt!

I’m planning on taking a short hiatus after the end of Chapter 2 to get some things in order around here and to prep for Chapter 3, but don’t you fret, I’m planning on posting little comics every Wednesday during this hiatus exploring the world of Desendi.

But I’d really like these comics to be about the things you are interested in! What are things you want to know about the world? Things you want to ask the characters? Situations you think would be funny to see? Leave a comment with any of those burning questions and I might draw one of the hiatus comics addressing it!

As again, thank you so much for reading, those who are. I appreciate you so much.

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