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C1P62: Galopon (Chapter 1 End)

C1P62: Galopon (Chapter 1 End) published on 4 Comments on C1P62: Galopon (Chapter 1 End)

Who knows what awaits her in the mountain town of Galopon


And that’s the end of Chapter 1. 62 pages. And I ended it on one that took me way too long to do. Even just this first chapter was a hell of a learning experience to me and I cannot believe I actually got to the end of it. Now to do it a dozen more times haha

Thanks to everyone who’s still reading and has stuck with me as I tried to figure this out. I hope you keep reading!


Will you be updating this soon? Or…at all? I hope so, it’s a good comic!

Hi! Chapter 2 is actually in the works–I was planning on starting to post this Friday, but I have to push that a couple weeks due to just months of family emergencies. I’m not happy with the hiatus lasting as long as it did, but it for sure is continuing, and for sure continuing by the end of this month.

Thanks so much for checking in, btw! I’m glad that anyone is still interested in reading this even as I was away for so long working thru life stuff haha

I’ll make a blog post w/ particulars soon!

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