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More fighting. Who knew rope was so useful?

C1P30: Crak!

C1P30: Crak! published on 1 Comment on C1P30: Crak!

Rope, great for making noses bleed!


Hey guys! So update schedule change here–I’m unfortunately going to be going from two pages a week to only one (every Monday!). The two page a week cadence would have been perfectly fine if it was all I was doing artistically with my time, but I have a couple of projects (art shows, games, etc) outside of Desendi that need some attention. Updating at this cadence will be pretty easy at least, so there won’t be long hiatuses anymore unless something happens. And it will also be much easier for me to have a good buffer!

That being said, once things become less hectic, I may go back to the two page cadence. But for now, we’ll get this to you once a week. Thanks so much for those of you who are still reading! I’m working on making the website look better and load faster too. Thirty pages is a hell of a benchmark.

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