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C1P11: Stay Back

C1P11: Stay Back published on 1 Comment on C1P11: Stay Back

Asserting yourself is very difficult.

Hoooooo boy getting this page up today was an endeavor. I almost wasn’t able to get my strong lady comic page up today because of power outages, save problems, and then wordpress giving me a hell of a time. But here you go, I wasn’t going to miss an update this early into the life of my fantasy baby. I won’t let that happen.

Thanks for reading!

1 Comment

oh man, if that dude starts brandishing his axe, things might go south even faster. I hope the Malawan lady doesn’t mean to take the passengers prisoner or hijack the cart or something. But… her hat has cute bear ears! Nobody who wears a hat with cute bear ears can possibly be up to anything sinister, right…?

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