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mountain ladies and thieves and fighting

C1P13: Wham

C1P13: Wham published on No Comments on C1P13: Wham

It doesn’t take long for action to begin between Malab’s Pami-pami and everyone else.

I unfortunately had to put this page up late due to extenuating circumstances at home, but I’m pretty determined to have that not be a thing to happen again. It was a medical issue so I couldn’t really do anything about it, haha. But oh well!

I’m excited to draw the rest of the Malawan mountain people. A lot of their design (and a lot of the cultural designs in this comic) are based vaguely on different Filipino tribes and other south east asian indigenous people. The tattoos and placement of tattoos on each member of this group were designed with specific ranks and symbols in mind; they were very fun to concept.

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