C2P10: Everyone’s Lolo

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Somewhat autobiographical. I didn’t like doing Mano when I was growing up because I didn’t like getting touched haha Sorry for the delay. The fires around here have not been great and it’s gotten in the way of me working effectively. Hopefully I’ll get you something next week before Thanksgiving Holiday. I can’t guarantee but… Continue reading C2P10: Everyone’s Lolo

Odessa is forced to lie a little bit

C2P11: From Where?

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Oops. Starting to lie without knowing why. Sure this won’t come back in some way. *** Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been weird since Thanksgiving, which mostly amounts to me being ill and tired. But I’d been chipping on this page all the time since then and now it’s up.… Continue reading C2P11: From Where?

C2P12: Something that you’re looking for…

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Sorry for weird updates lately. I feel like I’ve been sick for at least 3 days out of every week for the past few months. But I’m gonna keep posting regardless. I’ll hopefully get a page out to y’all before the year is through! Happy Holidays in the meanwhile!

C2P13: Another Reason

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Maybe Odessa has found what she’s looking for… First page of the New Year! Thanks for still reading and entering 2019 with me. I have some thoughts about 2018 and how it went with Desendi, and how 2019 is going to be. I’ll write that up in a post later, but for now, thank you!… Continue reading C2P13: Another Reason

C2P14: That Fellow?

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The answers continue… I’m actually pretty proud of this page, considering that I’ve been sick! I actually really like drawing Gohn, he’s so different from the rest of the characters. Hope you’ve all been well! Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week!

C2P17: Where is Desendi?

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Odessa can only mince words for so long. Thanks for reading! See you next week. Comment or share if you’re enjoying the story so far, I work hard to get this comic out there as often as possible, and any help getting this out there or letting me know you’re there is appreciated!

C2P18: It is a cursed place

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Lolo continues to be perturbed, Odessa continues to be obstinate. ** I technically did get it in “on time” if “on time” you mean “at the very last moment that can be considered the same day”. But that’s fine. Woodcarvings and textiles are important in the cultures of the Zentain Continent, and one of the… Continue reading C2P18: It is a cursed place