C1P11: Stay Back

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Asserting yourself is very difficult. Hoooooo boy getting this page up today was an endeavor. I almost wasn’t able to get my strong lady comic page up today because of power outages, save problems, and then wordpress giving me a hell of a time. But here you go, I wasn’t going to miss an update… Continue reading C1P11: Stay Back

We are PamiPami

C1P12: Cargo is Cargo

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One of the things that I really focused on when writing Desendi is to try and intersperse hints of culture here and there and part of that is little bits of language structure that suggest things like honorifics or simple nouns and stuff. Worldbuilding is something I really enjoy, but I’m doing my best not… Continue reading C1P12: Cargo is Cargo

mountain ladies and thieves and fighting

C1P13: Wham

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It doesn’t take long for action to begin between Malab’s Pami-pami and everyone else. I unfortunately had to put this page up late due to extenuating circumstances at home, but I’m pretty determined to have that not be a thing to happen again. It was a medical issue¬†so I couldn’t really do anything about it,… Continue reading C1P13: Wham

Don't be a jerk, woodsman

C1P14: Idiot

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Aw shiz, I guess it’s time for this adventure comic to turn into an action adventure comic. This is one of the things that I’m hoping will become easier as I continue making this comic, but in the meantime I’m enjoying even attempting to draw people fighting haha. More mountain people stuff. I wonder where… Continue reading C1P14: Idiot

Fighting People, Getting Fought

C1P15: Stop!

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And Odessa finally reappears.   I guess the idea of assaulting the Malawans didn’t turn out very well after all.   I know I keep saying that I’m really enjoying drawing this, but can I say it again? I like drawing an action adventure comic and coloring all the backgrounds and everything, even if it’s… Continue reading C1P15: Stop!

C1P20: We Make Do

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She’s not very good at just being quiet. But a mother won’t let something like this slide, even though it’s obvious that every mountain person and carriage rider there wishes she would. We’re about 1/3 of the way into Chapter One of this adventure comic, and even though I’ve had some slight updating gaffes (things… Continue reading C1P20: We Make Do