C1P49: Dealt With

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Welp, guess that means the end of the fight! (finally). 13 Pages to go until the end of Chapter 1. Dang. I really gotta get onto revising Chapter 2 thumbnails haha. Please comment and/or share if you’re enjoying the comic so far! I put a lot of work into this every week and it means… Continue reading C1P49: Dealt With

C1P50: On the Road Again

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In which we see one of Bako’s favorite topics of conversation, and one of Cabi-man’s least favorite. I honestly can’t believe that I finally hit page 50 on this thing @_@ Holy cow what a milestone. I don’t think I’ve drawn this many pages for any single project before. What that also means is that… Continue reading C1P50: On the Road Again

anxiety and glowing asian warrior stuff

C2P7: Need Something?

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False Alarm You finally get to see what Gohn Guay looks like! Cool! Apologies for missing last week’s update–I think I underestimated how tired I would be after traveling for a few days. I am not Odessa–I’m not a good traveler (though I do get anxious when people try to talk to me). Page 8… Continue reading C2P7: Need Something?

C2P8: A new face

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And lo, a new character appears! Zentani Language Lesson of the Day Gandama Mangmagi – Beautiful Evening/Good Evening! Ganda – Beautiful, Very Good. Also used to describe people! ma – a ‘linking’ suffix. It attaches the adjective to the noun it is describing. Mang – Possessive prefix (archaic) Magi – a shortening of “Pulmagi”, the… Continue reading C2P8: A new face

Odessa is forced to lie a little bit

C2P11: From Where?

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Oops. Starting to lie without knowing why. Sure this won’t come back in some way. *** Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been weird since Thanksgiving, which mostly amounts to me being ill and tired. But I’d been chipping on this page all the time since then and now it’s up.… Continue reading C2P11: From Where?

C2-End: He’s in Here

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And that’s the end of Chapter 2! I can’t believe it’s been 88 whole pages since starting . I’ve not always been on time, but we still hit this milestone. Thanks to y’all still reading and sticking with me! I’m going to spend the next 5 or so weeks on a ‘hiatus’ to deal with… Continue reading C2-End: He’s in Here

Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bedfellows

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During her travels through Zentain, Odessa spent a lot of times roughing it in the barns and stables of farmers, who offered her the place out of hospitality or as repayment for work she might have done for them. Often she would share the space with farm animals. She never minded. She likes animals much… Continue reading Chapter 2 Hiatus – Bedfellows